Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little out of the ordinary...

              When a recent bride asked for a hay bale wedding cake, I have to say for the first time ever I was a little hesitant.  On top of that, she wanted the cake to look very realistic.  Per her requests:
            "The shades of brown for the bales must look like real straw.  The twine holding the bales together should be black, and braided.  The straw must be facing the correct direction and be twined properly. And the daisies.  The daisies should be green, to match the green in the wedding.  And the other half of the daisies should be white with green centers.  And the daisies should look like they blew out of a field and landed on the cake."   I WAS SCARED!  Could I pull it off????????
             As an industry professional, I assured the bride that everything would be fantastic and that I could absolutely make realistic looking stacked bales of hay (cake), in the correct shade with green daisies adorning it, as if they had blown from a field....SURE I COULD!!!!!!
             The venue for the wedding was Forever Florida.  Providing a scenic background of fields, horses, cows, pastures, stables, and a magnificent log cabin reception area.
Cresent J Ranch Pasture at Forever Florida

           My business partner had visited the venue.  "The hay bale cake will look awesome there,"  he said.  He assured me that the cake would fit the backdrop for this very country wedding.  He even had promised the bride Alligator Bread.  Yep.  You heard me right......
               So, all I had to do was make the cake look as realistic as possible and not completely "jack-it-up."


I DID IT!!!!!!

          So, I should thank Marissa St. John and Russel St.John for giving Upper Crust Catering and Cakery the honor of making your wedding cake.  I loved designing and making this special cake for your truly magical day.